Capturing moments of life and bringing you into those moments is what I strive for in my photography. We see the world through different eyes and experience life on different emotional, spiritual and soulful levels. Whether a moon setting over Lake Tahoe, wild horses or other wildlife in their native habitat, or simply a fleeting moment in the daily lives of people, places and things, this is all “life.” As living beings, we share this life with all that is here on our planet, and there is a commonality in our experiences.

As a photographer, I find inspiration in all facets of life and thereby do not limit myself to any one or even a few artistic categories. Photography is my creative expression - my way of communicating about and to the world. Born and raised in Chicago, I now split my time between Chicago and Northern Nevada with periodic trips to Italy and other locations to find my inspiration. I love city life, but I also love travel and the great outdoors, and I have always had a deep connection with animal life and nature. Yes, even the nature found in city living.

My passion for nature and animals, particularly horses, began at a very young age when this “city girl” went off to summer camp in the country. For me, to look into the eyes of an animal and see the expression of their emotion, or to stand before a sunrise with an ever-changing explosion of color is to travel to a different yet familiar place. To take you to this point of experience and to have my images reach within you and touch that different yet familiar place is my goal. These are the moments I wish to share with you. These are my ~ Images Inspired By Life ~™